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Earn and Learn

The Air Tractor AT-504 is a spray plane and trainer that’s an excellent platform for aerial application instruction. Side-by-side cockpit seating allows experienced pilots to effectively train new turbo-prop pilots. Both instructor and trainee have complete flight controls and virtually the same cockpit view & flight perspective. Equipped with a Pratt & Whitney PT6-34AG engine, the AT-504 has working speeds equal to the AT-502B. Payload capacity is 485 gallons. Novice turboprop pilots experience similar flight performance when they move from the AT-504 to the AT-502B or other similar size turboprop ag planes. The AT-504 performs beautifully and is fun to fly. And like the rest of the Air Tractor line, it can be a real money maker.

Engine Type:P&W PT6A-34AG
Engine S.H.P.:750 @ 2,200 RPM
Propeller:Hartzell HC-B3TN-3D/T10282NS+4
Take-Off Weight:9,600 lbs. (4,354 kg)
Landing Weight:8,000 lbs. (3,629 kg)
Empty Weight w/ Spray Equipment:4,768 lbs. (2,163 kg)
Useful Load:4,832 lbs. (2,191 kg)
Hopper Capacity:485 U.S. gal. (1,836 L)
Fuel Capacity:216 U.S. gal. (818 L)
Wing Span:52 ft. (15.84 m)
Wing Area:312 ft2 (29.01 m2)
Main Wheel Size:29.00 x 11-10
Tail Wheel Size:5.00 x 5
Cruise Speed:151 mph (243 kph) at 8,000 ft.
Working Speed (Typical):120-145 mph (193-233 kph)
Range, Economy Cruise at 8,000 ft.:608 mi. (978 km)
Stall Speed-Flaps Up:75 mph (121 kph) at 8,000 lbs (3,629 kg)
Stall Speed-Flaps Down:65 mph (105 kph) at 8,000 lbs (3,629 kg)
Stall Speed as Usually Landed:53 mph (85 kph)
Rate of Climb:860 fpm (262 mpm) at 9,600 lbs (4,354 kg)
Take-Off Distance:1,150 ft (351 m) at 9,600 lbs (4,354 kg)